Chef Rika’s Simmered Kinmedai Alfonsino [Japanese Cooking] – Dining with the Chef

In this episode, we’ll be making simmered kinmedai alfonsino, by simmering this winter fish in a sweet-and-savory broth. The soy sauce-flavored sauce, featuring the rich flavor of the fish, gives it a depth that goes great with rice. For a side dish, we’ll be making grilled shiitake mushrooms, with shungiku chrysanthemum leaves for an herb-like freshness, and a sesame dressing to bring them together. We’ll also be making easy fried tofu that uses just a little bit of oil, served with a refreshing ponzu sauce.

Watch “Dining with the Chef” and discover the basics of Japanese cuisine with professionals. Chef Saito provides easy guidance for making authentic dishes, while Chef Rika gives helpful advice on quick and stylish cuisine.

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